Wunthulpu Aboriginal Land Trust

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2017-02 Rubber Vine Control 2016 Lukin River

The continuation of the Rubber Vine Control works on Lukin River Containment line has shown a targeted approach which continues to reduce the threat of Rubber Vine extending past the containment line. The areas controlled cover a total area of approx 784 ha with 28 km of River.

Rubber Vine Control 2016 Lukin River Map
2015-12 Sicklepod Control Jan-June 2015 Zone 2

Sicklepod control carried out during Jan-June 2015 within the Cape York NRM Zone 2 management area. Sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia) is a declared pest under Queensland legislation.  Native to America, Sicklepod occurs in many tropical countries around the world, and invades pastures, roadsides, fence lines, creekbanks and waste areas. 



Sicklepod Control Jan-June 2015 Zone 2 Map

The Wunthulpu Aboriginal Land Trust is an Aboriginal Land Trust established to hold land granted under the Aboriginal Land Act 1991 (Qld) in 1997 and 1998. The Trust holds land for the benefit of Aboriginal people, their ancestors and descendants.  The Trust is made up of representatives of the groups from the area, significantly, Kaanju, Lamalama, Ayapathu and Wik Mungkan.

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