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2010-01 The NRM Spatial Hub - Flyer

This flyer published in 2010 explains the NRM Spatial Hub, colloquially reffered to as "The Hub". The purpose of the Hub was to provide land managers with the systems, tools, data, and skills they might needs to improve access property-scale information. Land managers of all types can use the Hub to analyse the condition of their land and changes with time along with other GIS data such as storm paths, fire scars, and indications of floral biomass. The flyer gives in two pages a concise and comprehenseive overview of the NRM Spatial Hub. The NRM Spatial Hub can be accessed at this address:

The NRM Spatial Hub - Flyer Fact Sheet
EKY Bubu Jalun IPA Boundary Dataset

Cape York Natural Resource Management Ltd is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, that works with individuals, groups and communities across Cape York to care for Country through natural and cultural resource management activities.

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