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2014-01 Sustainable Industries and Climate Change

This is the fourth of a series of fact sheets created to accompany the series of reports regarding impacts and adaptation informaton on climate change in australia for it's NRM regions. This fact sheet looks at the impact climate change will have on sustainable industries within the wet tropics and how that threat can be minimised. The fact sheets also all include a summary and a "What's happening in your region" section for other NRM groups to fill out so that the documents can be catered to certain geo-specific areas. 

Sustainable Industries and Climate Change Fact Sheet
2013-12 Healthy Country 16: Seasons Greetings

 After another long year Issue 16 of Healthy Country newsletter was realeased in December 2013, offering a seasons greetings to all readers. 

Issue 16 looks at numerous natural resource management and conservation efforts around the Cape such as the consideration of world heritage listing for certain areas of the Cape York Penininsula and the undertaking of at the time the only inshore dolphin survey of Princess Charlotte Bay performed by JCU and the Lama Lama rangers. The Lama Lama rangers also celebrated the accredition of the Lama Lama Traditional Use of Marine Resource Agreement on July 8 2013. This issue also interviews the managers of the Steve Irwin Wildlife reserve, Barry and Shelley Lyon following the Newman goverments assurance of protection for the area, looks at a 25 kilometre stretch of beach between Janie Creek and Pennyfather where Mapoon rangers had been working day and night to remove debris and eliminate threats to turtle nestin, and reports how a young landcarer Ryan Jackson from Wolverton station was sent to Warwick with his mum Emma learning about the natural systems of the environment and how they work. 

Healthy Country 16: Seasons Greetings Newsletter Edition
2013-09 Healthy Country 15: People and Place

Issue 15 of Cape York Natural Resource Management's healthy country newsletter looks at the people, places, and organisations in the Cape York Peninsula at the time. 

The articles look at the review of the draft Normanby River Water Quality Management Plan, improvements to Cape York's turtle conservation measures, why marine debris need to be cleaned of the northern beaches, and knowledge sharing and monitoring at mapoons turtle camp. The final pages of Issue 15 looks at numerous organisations operating in the Cape York Peninsula and their actions in the Cape York Peninsula. 

Healthy Country 15: People and Place Newsletter Edition
2013-07 Healthy Country 14: Land and Sea

Issue 14 of the Healthy Country newsletter covers numerous aspects of land and sea management on the Cape York Peninsula. 

This issue includes articles on the call for fire plans from graziers in the North, research into sediment sources in the Normanby catchment, pest weed and animal management, and protecting cattle from potential heavy metal contamination in water supplies. 

Healthy Country 14: Land and Sea Newsletter Edition
2013-07 Cape York NRM Regional Investment Strategy, 2013-2018

This Regional Investment Strategy contains the priorities for investment for the five years 2013-2018 as identified through consultation with the peoples and communities of Cape York.
The purpose of the strategy is to detail the investment required to undertake activities that will contribute to achieving community identified outcomes.
The principal intent of the strategy is to act as a prospectus for obtaining the Cape York NRM regional base funds from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program and the Queensland Government’s NRM program. It will also be used as the basis for attracting funding from other sources, including Commonwealth and State Government grant programs, the corporate sector and philanthropic organisations.

Cape York NRM  Regional Investment Strategy, 2013-2018 Reference Document
2013-06 Cape York Natural Resource Management - Annual community report: 2012-2013

This is the third annual community report released by Cape York Natural Resource Management and outlines the achievements and changes that the organisation underwent between 2012 and 2013. During this time Queensland saw a change in state goverment, and a consequental relaxation of certain legislation allowed farmers to benefit and the region to generate a plan for future agriculture. The organisation istelf worked with numerous stakeholders on the Cape York Peninsula while maintaining a politically neutral stance. Despite obstacles experienced by the oraganisation the period was successful on fronts in all endeavours. Along with a Chairmans' report, CEO's report, and a Board of Directors section the report also contains an "Our Legacy" section acknowledging the achieveements of the company since 2010. 

Cape York Natural Resource Management - Annual community report:2012-2013 Corporate Document
2013-05 Healthy Country 13: Protecting biodiversity

This issue of Healthy Country looks at the Cape York Peninsula's biodiversity, as well as CSIRO's biodiversity project and what that meant for the Cape York Peninsula.

Issue 13 is packed with articles strictly regarding biodiversity on the Cape from snakes to possums through to turtles and native flora. 

Healthy Country 13: Protecting biodiversity Newsletter Edition
2013-03 Healthy Country 12: Fire and Rain

This issue of the Heathy Country Newsletter looks at both fire and rain with articles about fire management and burning practices as well as on weather mapping, the altering weather's effect in native animals and marine turtle conservation. 

Issue 12 also looks at fire management to control weeds, how rain and weather conditions were affecting native animals and erosion on beaches, and how pest management performed by the Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers has increased flatback turtle hatching survival due to decreased predation. 

Healthy Country 12: Fire and Rain Newsletter Edition
2012-12 Healthy Country 11

The 11th issue of Healthy Country Newsletter looks at the win against the invasive water weed Hymenachne at Keating's lagoon, the celeberation of the caring for country graduation ceremony on the 1st of December 2012, Caring for country initiatives undertaken at Jajikal-Balabay, and how regional tourism could benefit the Laura rangers in developing skills and gaining further certifications.

Healthy Country 11 Newsletter Edition
2012-10 Healthy Country 10

This is the 10th edition of Cape York Natural Resource Management's healthy country newsletter. This issue looks at using technology to assist pastoralists in cattle management, stopping the spread the invasive weed sicklepod which threatenes local ecosystems, and the risk posed to the Quinkan rock art site in 2012 after partial destruction of rock art paintings was discovered by Laura rangers, along with several smaller articles. 

Healthy Country 10 Newsletter Edition

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