Western Cape York Water Quality Improvement Plan 2016-2019

How you can invest in water quality improvement planning for Western Cape York


The full prospectus for the Western Cape Water Quality Improvement Plan expands further on information glossed over in the brochure. The document breaks down the key learnings from the Eastern Water Quality Improvement Plan that are to be implemented in the western plan, the condition of water resources on the western Cape, as well as the community and stakeholder engagement plan and intended content for the 36 marine and 36 freshwater asset reports. 

This document also outlines the funding necessary for each role and aspect of the plan as well as the objectives of the roll and measurable outcomes of the roles success for year one and year two as well as a funding total for each year: $1,183,000 for the first year and $829,000 for the second. 

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April, 2016
Western Cape York Water Quality Improvement Plan 2016-2019
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Cape York Natural Resource Management

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