Weed Distribution Records- Lockhart River Dogit Area

This map is an indication of weed species surveyed at Lockhart River Dogit Area on Cape York. This is based on available data, and is not a comprehensive distribution map of weeds. Cape York NRM's regional weeds database contains data collected by the Cape York community as part of on-ground activities. Other distribution data has been sourced from Wildnet and the Atlas of Living Australia (including the Australian Virtual Herbarium). Please contact Cape York NRM for more information. Date range for data is from 1985 - 2015

Published date: 
January, 2016
Project Reference: 
Development of the Cape York Regional Biosecurity Strategy
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Butchers Hill

Property boundary for Butchers Hill pastoral lease. Buffered to 500m for regional context.

Butchers Hill Station Pest Management Plan

The Plan's purpose is to manage the land of Butchers Hill Station, in a sustainable way, by controlling weeds and pest animals on the property, and ensuring its economic and environmental viability continues into the future.