Rubber Vine Control 2016 Lukin River

The continuation of the Rubber Vine Control works on Lukin River Containment line has shown a targeted approach which continues to reduce the threat of Rubber Vine extending past the containment line. The areas controlled cover a total area of approx 784 ha with 28 km of River.

Published date: 
February, 2017
Rubber Vine Control 2016 Lukin River
Project Reference: 
Rubber Vine Control, Targeting the Established Lukin River Containment Area 2016
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Attribution Orgs: 
Willstock Cattle Co Pty Ltd
Wunthulpu Aboriginal Land Trust
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Butchers Hill

Property boundary for Butchers Hill pastoral lease. Buffered to 500m for regional context.

Butchers Hill Station Pest Management Plan

The Plan's purpose is to manage the land of Butchers Hill Station, in a sustainable way, by controlling weeds and pest animals on the property, and ensuring its economic and environmental viability continues into the future.