Healthy Country 28: The practice of caring for Country

Issue 28 of Healthy Country Newsletter focuses on the lessons learnt and the knowledge shared by Cape York's Land and Sea Managers.

Published date: 
October, 2016

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Healthy Country 28: The practice of caring for Country
Project Reference: 
Cape York - Keep It Clean
Cape York Healthy Country - Improving the Quality of Water Entering the GBR Lagoon
Fire Management Plans and on-country workshops for six Cape York Peninsula properites
Governance Support for Cape York NRM
Wenlock Catchment Management Group
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Attribution Orgs: 
Kowanyama Aboriginal Land and Natural Resource Management Office
Mitchell River Watershed Management Group (MRWMG)
The University of Queensland


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Cape York NRM Governance and Planning

Collection of documents that are foundational to Cape York NRM Ltd. Includes corporate Policies, Annual Reports, Regional Investment Strategies, and NRM Plan versions.