Healthy Country 21: Seasons Greetings

The sun sets on a highly productive year for Cape York NRM. This year the Company has funded, delivered, supported and managed works across the length and breadth of Cape York. Implementation of our Sustainable Agriculture program has been highly successful.

We have visited over 20 grazing and horticultural properties, with property planning, weed control and training opportunities all underway. The initial focus area for this work, which will continue in the coming year, has been the Central Cape and Lakeland areas. Our involvement of people in the development of a Water Quality Improvement Plan for Cape York has commenced and we are working to provide the results in a way that is useful for those who live in and manage these east coast waterways. Natural resource management planning for the future of Cape York is almost complete, and early next year our online Atlas will be launched to provide an entry point to a world of information and stories about Cape York, by the people of Cape York. 

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December, 2014
Newsletter Issue 21: Sustainable Agriculture
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